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Workcred to Promote Data Sharing Among Credentialing Bodies

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Workcred, a nonprofit affiliate of the American National Standards Institute, is looking to form a network of 25-30 credentialing bodies that will be "early adopters and influencers" in sharing data. The goal: to better understand the value or return on investment of non-degree credentials, including badges, industry certifications and other micro-credentials, according to a news announcement.

The credentialing bodies will engage in discussions around the value of sharing their data, as a way of creating more transparency around their credentials. Participants will be selected based on their readiness to share data as well as their "level of interest" in the academic and employment outcomes of credential holders, among other factors. The work is funded by a grant from the Lumina Foundation.

"This work is important because educational institutions can use data from credentialing bodies to expand and improve their programs; similarly, employers will be able to identify high-performing programs and quality sources of talent to improve hiring and training decisions," said Holly Zanville, strategy director for the future of learning and work at Lumina Foundation, in a statement. "Likewise, data can also support students so that they can make informed decisions about what credentials to earn and where to obtain them."

"We are thrilled to be part of the forefront of work to link credentialing bodies with other credential providers through data, to raise awareness about all credentials and help improve education decision-making for students, educators and all workforce stakeholders," commented Roy Swift, executive director of Workcred.

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Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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