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Bow Valley College Launches Blockchain-Powered Digital Credentials


Graduates of Bow Valley College in Alberta, Canada can now carry validated digital credentials with them anywhere, any time. The institution partnered with TerraHub Technologies, a software company focused on blockchain and artificial intelligence, to launch a mobile digital credential wallet based on the company's Sync platform.

Sync is a "universal platform for improving vendor compliance and certification, accounting audit and human decision-making," which connects core business system data with users via blockchain and AI, according to the company. Sync's Credential Wallet module allows the student/worker to share tamper-proof qualifications and education credentials (degrees, diplomas, accreditations and certificates) with employers in real time. The system automatically prompts for recertification based on expiration or geographic requirements, and includes AI-powered biometric capabilities for authenticating users.

"We recognize the value that having a blockchain enabled credentialing system will have for our students and our partners. We have committed to working with TerraHub to implement the Credential Wallet and helping TerraHub build a blockchain community for individuals and organizations interested in the transformative power of this technology, said Laura Jo Gunter, president of Bow Valley College, in a statement. "We are entering an era where we need simple, convenient and secure ways to share our qualifications and credentials, in a global setting. Our students come from across the globe and work across the globe. Digital credentials, accessed through blockchain, make it easy to both show and validate in-demand skills, knowledge and competencies. This is crucial in an economy where talent needs to be quickly matched to emerging business needs."

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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