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zSpace Expands AR/VR Apps for CTE


Ed tech company zSpace has added industrial robotics and advanced manufacturing applications to its portfolio of augmented and virtual reality solutions for career and technical education. The new apps are designed to help prepare students for certifications and complement classroom training with virtual hands-on learning experiences that are safe, repeatable and require no material costs or cleanup.

The zSpace AR/VR platform provides self-guided, immersive training on manufacturing processes, preventative maintenance, procedures for manufacturing robots and more. Students wear tracked glasses and use a stylus to "lift" mechanical components, examine them in detail and understand the core principles at work. They can monitor assembly progress, make changes and correct mistakes in real time; since repairs can be practiced and repeated, students can gain more experience in job-ready skills.

"The interactive, hands-on learning experiences provided by AR/VR solutions like zSpace are valuable tools that accelerate learning as individuals explore career paths in manufacturing," said Jerry Jacques, president of the Treasure Coast Manufacturers Association, in a statement. "We encourage any and all professional associations that support career and technical education to explore using AR/VR tools like zSpace in their own training programs to help employees advance their manufacturing careers, and to actively seek out new hires whose training included AR/VR applications."

zSpace's full list of AR/VR CTE applications includes:

  • Industrial Robotics Mechanic by GTAFE;
  • Industrial Robotics Expert by GTAFE;
  • Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical by Fun2;
  • Advanced Manufacturing Fluid Power by Fun2;
  • VR Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE;
  • VR Automotive Expert by GTAFE;
  • Wave NG Welding by Mimbus;
  • VR Canine Anatomy Training System by GTAFE;
  • Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body;
  • Virtual ECG by Vizitech; and
  • VIVED Anatomy.

For more information, visit the zSpace site.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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