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Anthology Breaking Down Data Silos with Integrative Approach

Higher education technology provider Anthology has introduced Anthology Intelligent Experiences (iX), a new product approach that will enable "a connected ecosystem of products and services that use data to power meaningful interactions both in and outside the classroom," according to a news announcement.

The Anthology iX vision is all about breaking down silos and connecting the dots between data sets, explained Chief Product Officer JD White in a company blog post. "We're moving beyond just being able to put the pieces together and focusing on how to integrate actionable insights into the experience of our users on a daily basis."

For an example of how iX can inform decision-making and help provide better services and support to students, White said, "Picture a world where students receive skill-based career readiness maps based on course performance and involvement in activities outside the classroom, allowing them to adapt their education journey to reach a desired outcome, while helping advisers scale their support to guide the learner's path. That's an Intelligent Experience, and we can make it a reality within the Anthology portfolio."

Other examples of potential iX applications include:

  • An adviser recommends that a student take a class in the afternoon because iX data informs him that the learner typically performs well in courses later in the day.
  • A student chooses the best course section for her, based on insight into which sections have resulted in successful outcomes for students with similar workload capacities.
  • A faculty member is prompted to use more video content, based on an aggregate view of learner engagement across her course sections that indicates students are more likely to watch videos than listen to audio files.

"With Intelligent Experiences incorporated into daily interactions, institutions are better positioned to meet strategic objectives like raising retention rates and keeping students on track for graduation," said White. "Our clients have an incredible amount of information at their fingertips and Anthology is the only technology partner capable of blending that data with experiences to proactively surface the right insights, at the right time, because we have the most comprehensive suite of products in the market."  

For more information, read the Anthology blog post.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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