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Teaching and Learning

New Educause Resource Offers Multimodal Learning Strategies

Higher education IT association Educause has released a new resource to help educators and IT leaders navigate changing learning modalities and better serve student needs. Part of the association's Showcase Series, "Online, In-Person, or Hybrid? Yes" pulls together reports, lessons learned, and other materials that align with the corresponding Top 10 IT Issue for 2023.

Among the best practices offered are five teaching enhancements that "worked their magic on remote teaching and learning during the pandemic and are continuing to be used to improve the student experience today":

  • Collaborative technologies;
  • Student experts;
  • Back channels;
  • Breakout rooms; and
  • Supplemental recordings.

"The adoption of technology is advancing our capacity to offer an increasingly digitized and flexible learning experience for students, which is exciting, because this flexibility can support increased access for students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue higher education," commented Kathe Pelletier, director of Educause's Teaching and Learning Program. "Even more promising is the recognition that teaching practices matter: The intentional design of learning environments, assessments, and opportunities for students to connect with the material, their instructor, and their peers can make all the difference in the ways that students feel seen and valued and ultimately achieve their learning and personal goals."

Educause's next Showcase, "SaaS, ERP, and CRM: An Alphabet Soup of Opportunity," will launch on July 31. To view the entire Showcase Series, visit the Educause site.

About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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