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GigXR, DICOM Director Debut 3D Medical Imagery Learning Using Holograms of CT Scans and MRIs

Immersive learning platform GigXR has unveiled a new library of hyper-realistic 3D medical imagery derived from MRI and CT scans for use in healthcare education, training, and simulation, according to a news release.

The new DICOM XR Library powered by INTRAVISION XR “empowers nursing and medical schools, hospitals, and the Department of Defense with the all-new ability to leverage holographic medical imagery in anatomy and pathophysiology curricula,” GigXR said.

By providing a 360-degree, in-depth look at how pathology and injury manifests in diagnostic imaging, DICOM XR Library “better prepares medical and nursing students and professionals to assess and diagnose a real-life patient … and adds pathophysiology to the vital skill of reading and interpreting test results by showing holograms with full-dimensional anatomy,” said the announcement.

The new library is delivered by the Gig Immersive Learning Platform, enterprise software for institution-wide immersive teaching, training, and simulation across levels, programs, and departments. Managed through the platform’s dashboard, instructors can curate a custom library of complementary applications for a simple, streamlined way to incorporate holographic content into their curricula, GigXR said.

With the newly launched library of images, GigXR said the platform allows learners using a mixed-reality headset or the smartphone or tablet app to:

  • Explore body structures in HoloHuman, a 3D human cadaver, prior to seeing exactly how anatomy translates to real-life medical imaging in DICOM XR Library
  • Visualize pathophysiology immersively in high-fidelity 3D, view accurately modeled, holographic animations of the heart, lung and kidney
  • Replicate real-world diagnostic processes by examining holographic standardized patient scenarios in HoloPatient and make a likely diagnosis prior to reviewing the corresponding 3D medical imagery
  • Evaluate and apply actual test results to clinical simulation in HoloScenarios, with a 3D perspective available in the DICOM XR Library

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Kristal Kuykendall is editor, 1105 Media Education Group. She can be reached at [email protected].

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