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What to See at Tech Tactics in Education 2023

These session highlights offer the AI, data, and cybersecurity insights you need to navigate today's evolving technology landscape.

This November in Orlando, the 2023 Tech Tactics in Education conference will convene technology leaders from education institutions across the country for hands-on learning, practical tips, and strategic discussions on critical cybersecurity issues, trends in AI, and key data infrastructure and practices impacting schools, districts, colleges, and universities today.

To give a taste of what's in store, I'm sharing my top session picks:

Design Thinking to Address Cybersecurity in Educational Institutions
The cybersecurity issues that institutions face are real, complex, and varied — and design thinking brings new perspectives, new tools, and new approaches to the table in solving those challenges. I think this interactive workshop, led by innovation strategist Zee Munir, will be worthwhile for anyone looking to apply a fresh mindset to their cybersecurity strategies.

Learning Analytics Is a Journey — We'll Show You the Way
There are many hurdles in building a learning analytics initiative — administrative and faculty buy-in, investment of time and money, establishing standards for handling data, and more. I can't wait to learn from the successes of the Learning Analytics team at the University of Notre Dame, in this panel led by 1EdTech Senior Director for Higher Education Programs Andrea Deau.

Improving Your Cybersecurity Risk Posture
In the face of current and increasing threats of ransomware and data breaches, what could be better than an arsenal of concrete tools and offensive tactics to better prepare for any cybersecurity risk? In this session, Ron Howell, vice president of information technology and CIO at Columbia International University, will arm attendees with frameworks for effective cybersecurity governance as well as strategies, templates, rubrics, and lessons learned from experience — all invaluable for any cybersecurity professional on campus.

Tactical Leadership: Upleveling Your Potential
At Tech Tactics in Education we thought it was important not only to offer solutions to on-the-ground technology challenges, but also to provide opportunities to support personal development and leadership skills. This session from Denise Musselwhite, founder of leadership development consultancy Tech & Thrive, will help participants navigate their own technology leadership path in education.

State of AI in Education
I'm excited to personally moderate this panel of technology leaders in a lively discussion of one of the hottest tech topics of our time: the impact of artificial intelligence in higher education. We'll be encouraging audience participation, plus we'll be recording the whole conversation for a future episode of the Campus Technology Insider podcast. It's sure to be fun and thought-provoking at the same time!

Topping off the agenda are three intriguing keynotes:

Cybersecurity: Practice What, and While, We Teach
Tony Sager, senior VP and chief evangelist for the Center for Internet Security, will moderate a panel of education IT leaders in a lively discussion about the cybersecurity problems, challenges, and successes they experience.

AIs and Hackers and Schools, Oh My!
Doug Levin, co-founder and national director of the K12 Security Information eXchange (K12 SIX), will offer insights into the past, present, and future of cybersecurity in education — including the impact of new technologies such as artificial intelligence — and highlight the most important actions IT leaders can take today to protect their school communities tomorrow.

How Long Until Judgment Day: A Look at the Future of Cybersecurity
Dr. Johannes Ullrich, dean of research at the SANS Technology Institute, SANS faculty fellow, and founder of the SANS Internet Storm Center, will outline the ground truths and trends that can help us understand where cybersecurity is going, what's on the horizon, and what really matters.

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About the Author

Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology, THE Journal, and Spaces4Learning. She can be reached at [email protected].

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