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BYU's Social Media Agency Puts Student Learning to Work

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Students at Brigham Young University have been getting the opportunity to work with real-world clients such as Pepsi, Subaru, the NBA and Marriott thanks to the school's student-run digital and social media agency, Y Digital.

Described on its site as "a full-service, digital communications agency sponsored and housed by Brigham Young University," the organization's student-employees work with faculty members and industry professionals for each project. Services offered by Y Digital include social media analytics work, social media listening, content creation, search engine marketing and digital media production.

"We have a whole range of skills — advertising, strategic messaging, writing, pitching, design and video — we help students put together to coexist online," said Adam Durfee, a professor of public relations at BYU and director of the agency, in a prepared statement. "That great writing is nothing without great visual. That great video is nothing without great targeting. Those are the connections we want them leaving with."

Spencer Christensen, a public relations student at BYU and a student-employee at Y Digital, recently worked on a social media campaign for a company called Whooshfly that doubled the bookings set as its goal and returned $35 for each dollar invested, according to information released by the university.

"Pulling together everything for that shoot and actually shooting the video was such a big undertaking," Christensen said in a news release. "But it was so, so, so enjoyable. And what made it better was the incredible success the video had."

Christensen added that he believes having that kind of work in his portfolio has opened further learning and professional opportunities for him.

"Every time I've interviewed for an internship or job, potential employers have been blown away by what I've done in the lab and the experience I've gained," he said.

"The more society turns to the internet, the more we need people who are savvy with the internet and technology to produce work for companies," said Durfee.

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Joshua Bolkan is contributing editor for Campus Technology, THE Journal and STEAM Universe. He can be reached at [email protected].

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