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Penn State Pilots Proctored Online Testing System from Kryterion

The Pennsylvania State University's World Campus and Kryterion have gone public with results of a pilot in which students completed proctored exams online using Webassessor Online Secured Testing. The technology is intended to deliver tests without the need for an in-room proctor present.

LodeStar Integrates with eFolioWorld Portfolio

LodeStar Learning has announced a new partnership with eFolioWorld to integrate its electronic learning authoring suite, LodeStar, with the eFolioWorld electronic portfolio system. eFolioWorld is a hosted portfolio system developed jointly by ed tech provider Avenet and the Minnesota State College and Universities System.

The Institutional Path for Change in This Age: Andragogy, not Pedagogy

Our ontology about teaching and learning is no longer workable. It is time for a change from pedagogy to andragogy and evidence-based learning.

Turnitin Integrates Plagiarism Tool into New Online Writing Service

iParadigms, creator of the Turnitin plagiarism detection service, has released a set of tools designed to help students improve their writing skills through enhanced teacher-student communication and peer collaboration. The Web-based WriteCycle suite of services combines the company's Turnitin service with its new GradeMark Digital Grading service and a peer review collaboration and feedback tool.

Kaplan U Launches Career Assessment for Online Freshmen

Kaplan University launched MyPath, a program that uses career planning and student success diagnostics to help students craft a course of study that maximizes their career potential. The assessment tools will be used for all freshmen doing studies in the online program, the school said in a statement, to address study skills and career focus before they begin their academic program.

Tips for Getting Started with Educational Wikis

Campus Technology speaks with wiki expert Stewart Mader, who discusses choosing between commercial and open source wiki products, getting started with a wiki, and why Wikipedia is the single biggest stumbling block to wikis in higher education.

TurningPoint Launches Web-based Response Service for Smartphones and Laptops

TurningPoint, which sells classroom response systems, has launched a Web-based service that works on AT&T-powered wireless smartphones, including the iPhone, BlackBerry, and laptops.

Sakai 2.5.2 Gets Performance Boost; New Modules Released

The Sakai Foundation has released the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment 2.5.2, the first maintenance update to the open-source learning management system since the 2.5 release in March. The new version includes performance enhancements, as well as a number of bug fixes and other enhancements.

Digital Arrays for Evidence-Based Learning

Our culture is redefining itself and we are redefining how we see learning. It is time for educators to get out of the box of seat time, finally, and consider evidence-based learning.

Angel Expands ePortfolio, Integrates Coursework with LMS

Angel Learning has released a new version of ePortfolio, bringing it up to version 2.1. The new release expands integration with the Angel Learning Management Suite and includes new usability features.

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