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C-Level View Strategic Discussions on Technology . This e-newsletter opens a strategy-oriented forum for C-level discussions on technology topics of vital importance to today's top-level campus executives. It offers monthly  information sharing, interviews, opinion, news, and career moves for all who are charged with the progressive use of technology across all areas of the campus.

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Archives prior to January 2009

Fostering Students as IT Entrepreneurs: An Example from Stanford University (10/17/12)

12 Important Trends in the ePortfolio Industry for Education and for Learning (09/19/12)

CRM Pioneers: One Decade Later (08/15/12)

What Can Competency-Based Assessment and Degree Qualification Mean for the National Degree Completion Agenda? (07/18/12)

Seeking Systemic Change: Higher Education in a Digital, Networked Age (06/20/12)

The Wait is Over: The LMS and the ePortfolio Merge to Serve a Culture of Learning (05/16/12)

Mobile Relevance: Moving More Quickly on Implementation (04/18/12)

NMC's New List of Metatrends--It's Not Just About The Technology (03/21/12)

AAEEBL: It's All About Evidence-Based Learning--Supported by ePortfolios (02/15/12)

The Predictive Analytics Reporting Framework Moves Forward (01/18/12)

Islands in the Stream: Academic Technology, Digital Copyright, and The TEACH Act (12/14/11)

Digital Visual Asset Management Beyond the Library (11/09/11)

SULA: Real-World Learning in the Entertainment Capital for Media Industry Students (10/26/11)

A Survey of the Electronic Portfolio Market Sector: Analysis and Surprising Trends (10/12/11)

Staying Out of the Headlines through Encryption (09/28/11)

EagleVision: A Live Virtual Classroom for Connected Learners (09/14/11)

Putting a Student Face on the State Authorization Regulation (08/24/11)

"Narrate, Curate, Share:" How Blogging Can Catalyze Learning (08/10/11)

Becoming Pioneers Again: Why IT Innovation is Essential to the Future of Universities (07/27/11)

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