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Top 7 Campus Technology Stories in May

From social media to learning space design, here's what was trending on our website last month.

1) 10 Tools for More Interactive Videos
Forget about PowerPoints with voice-over — that's old school. These "new school" apps can help you engage your students while they're learning from your lectures.

2) 4 Ways to Use Social Media for Learning
These four uses for social media in STEM courses focus on deepening student learning through better communication.

3) Taking Competency-Based Credentials Seriously in the Workforce
Companies like AT&T and Google are expanding their partnerships with online education providers, creating new educational pathways to real jobs.

4) How Blockchain Will Disrupt the Higher Education Transcript
Blockchain technology could offer a more learner-centered alternative to traditional credentialing, according to UT-Austin's Phil Long.

5) Carnegie Mellon and Disney Develop RFID Tagging for Real-Time Interactivity
The signals from radio-frequency identification tags can make physical objects interactive.

6) FLEXspace: Sharing the Best of Learning Space Design
After only about five years since its inception, a free, open education resource called FLEXspace is already demonstrating its potential to improve both the process of creating campus learning spaces and the science of using them.

7) Survey: Instructional Designers 'Pivotal' in Tech Adoption
The work undertaken by instructional designers has a big impact on student success, according to a survey undertaken by Intentional Futures on behalf of the Gates Foundation's Next Generation Courseware Challenge.

About the Author

About the author: Rhea Kelly is editor in chief for Campus Technology. She can be reached at [email protected].

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