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Distance Learning

NYU Creates Pathway to Tandon for Non Computer Science Students

As computer science skills continue to become essential across every major industry, New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering has launched a new online program that gives students lacking a background in CS the opportunity to switch fields and pursue a master’s in computer science.

A Bridge to NYU Tandon is a 15-week program held during the fall (or a 12-week program over the summer) – with a sticker price of $1,500. The program is a convenient way to enter growing fields like cybersecurity, data science, artificial intelligence and many more.

Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals of system hardware number systems;
  • Compilation and execution process data types and expressions branching statements;
  • Iterative statements (or loops) and an introduction to algorithm analysis; and
  • Functions, abstractions, runtime stack arrays, and many other topics.

A Bridge to NYU Tandon trains students for entrance into the school’s computer science master’s program. To learn more, visit the NYU Tandon School of Engineering site here.

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