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3D Printing

MakerBot Intros Platform for Experimental Projects

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A new offering from MakerBot aims to serve as an experimental platform for creating, building, innovating and collaborating with 3D printing. MakerBot Labs is a sandbox for designers and engineers that includes customizable hardware and software with open APIs, custom print nodes and more.

"We're introducing this new, more open platform as a direct response to our advanced users calling for greater freedom with materials and software," explained MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen in a statement.

The first products available on the platform include:

  • MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder, a customizable extruder with four interchangeable nozzles, such as a large-diameter draft nozzle (for "draft" printing at higher speeds) and a stainless steel nozzle (for printing in abrasive materials);
  • Custom print modes in MakerBot Print, allowing users to import and export print setting configurations for various materials and objectives;
  • MakerBot Labs Community on Thingiverse, a hub for users to collaborate, discuss techniques and share resources like custom material print modes, custom hardware mods, new apps and software APIs; and
  • MakerBot Labs API, giving developers the means to interface with and expand the capabilities of MakerBot 3D printers.

For more information, visit the MakerBot site.

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