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Campus Technology Insider: Trends and Analysis in Higher Education Technology

Campus Technology Insider offers readers the best our magazine has to offer. Each issue contains select articles chosen by the editors for their appeal to readers and for their significance in advancing the mission of education technology in higher education. Campus Technology Insider is published monthly.
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ASU and OpenAI; Immersive Learning; the Future-Ready CIO; and More (05/03/24)

2024 AI Landscape; FLEXspace 3.0; Futuristic Perspective on Ed Tech; and More (04/05/24)

Gen AI on Campus; Integrity in Online Learning; AI for Grants and Research; and More (03/01/24)

AI in Education; Anant Agarwal on Lifelong Learning; and More (02/02/24)

Cinematic Thinking; AI Security Incident Response; Global AI Alliance; and More (01/05/24)

Building a STEM Talent Pipeline; Students Turn to Generative AI; and More (12/01/23)

Learning in the Age of AI; REN-ISAC's Anthony Newman; and More (11/03/23)

Gen AI in Learning Design; Tech Tactics Must-Sees; FLEXspace Update; and More (10/06/23)

Higher Ed's Multi-Modal Future; AI; Data Science; and More (09/01/23)

AI Skills; The Most Important Tool for a Higher Ed Leader; Experiential Learning; and More (08/04/23)

The Mechanics of Dx; Generative AI; Digital Accessibility; and More (07/07/23)

Student-Powered SOC; AI and Human Learning; Students Want a Live Remote Option; and More (06/02/23)

Generative AI for Personalized Learning; The Future of AI; Global WiFi Access; and More (05/05/23)

AI in Writing Instruction; Microcredential Framework; Quantum Computing Research; and More (04/14/23)

AI in Education; 9 Instructional Design Tips; Creative Listening; and More (03/03/23)

Inclusive Online Education; 2023 Technology Predictions; ChatGPT; and More (02/03/23)

Equity-First Courseware; Dx Trends; Living in the Metaverse; and More (01/06/23)

Data Privacy and Transparency; Storytelling for Learning; FLEXspace; and More (12/02/22)

Serving Adult Learners; Tech for Mental Health; Data Science; and More (11/04/22)

Empathy and Student Success; Faculty Support; Breaking Down Data Silos; and More (10/07/22)

Leading Revolution Through Data; Digital Transformation for the "New Now"; a Smarter LMS; and More (09/02/22)

Community Engagement in Online Learning; Supporting Students and Faculty; Institutional Effectiveness; and More (08/05/22)

Engaging a Remote Workforce; Enabling the Digital-First Campus; Ed Tech Ruin; and More (07/01/22)

Escape Room Builds Digital Skills; Equity in Ed Tech; FBI Security Alert; and More (06/03/22)

2022 Teaching & Learning Trends; Quantum Summer School; Next Leaders Fellowship; and More (05/06/22)

Understanding the Whole Student; Building a Culture of Innovation; Pandemic Learning Loss; and More (04/01/22)

What Students Want from the LMS; Rising Cyberinsurance Rates; New Vision for ePortfolios; and More (03/04/22)

Learning Design; Digital Transformation; FLEXspace Developments; and More (02/04/22)

Ed Tech Hype; 2022 Predictions; Extending Identity and Access; and More (01/07/22)

What Digital Transformation Means; Cloud Storage Limits; Better Meetings; and More (12/03/21)

Embracing Innovation; Building Outdoor Classrooms; the Rise of Social Media; and More (11/05/21)

AI in the Liberal Arts; FLEXspace and LSRS; Creating an Innovation Space; and More (10/01/21)

Future of Online Learning; IT Burnout; Funding a Connected Campus; and More (09/03/21)

Studying Student Learning at Scale; Education's Hybrid Future; In Search of an SRM; and More (08/06/21)

Tech and Student Success; Ed Tech in the Pandemic; Bridging the Digital Gap; and More (07/02/21)

2021 Horizon Report; Students Prefer Online; COVID-19 Opportunities; and More (06/04/21)

Supporting Entrepreneurship Remotely; Instructor Mistakes; Key Tech for 2021; and More (05/07/21)

New Horizon Report; COVID-19 and Social Justice; Supporting Adult Learners; and More (04/02/21)

Ransomware; Prioritizing Cloud; 25 Years of Internet2; and More (03/05/21)

2021 Predictions; Free Resources for Remote Learning; Student Identity Matters; and More (02/05/21)

Students Supporting Faculty; Ed Tech Predictions; Remote Learning Lessons; and More (01/08/21)

Remote Physics at Oregon State; Showing Students You Care; FLEXspace; and More (12/04/20)

Academic Fraud and Cybersecurity; Post-Pandemic Higher Ed; State of AI; and More (11/06/20)

HyFlex in China; New Virtual Summit; Ways to Improve Remote Learning; and More (10/02/20)

U Kentucky's Pandemic Response Team; Cheating in Online Classes; Quantum Computing; and More (09/04/20)

Preparing Classrooms for Blended Learning; COVID-19 Survey; Career Skills in VR; and More (08/07/20)

Tackling Digital Accessibility; the Future of Education; and More (07/10/20)

Resuming In-Person Instruction; Next Steps for Online Education; and More (06/05/20)

Infusing Learning Science into Remote Teaching; Filling the Skills Gap; Distance Learning Ramp-up; and More (05/01/20)

Free Ed Tech Tools; Online Learning in a Crisis; Remote Learning on the Fly in China; and More (04/03/20)

Online Escape Rooms; Ed Tech Trends; Coronavirus Resources; and More (03/06/20)

Easing the Transition to College; Getting Started with Esports; and More (02/07/20)

Make Your Good Online Course Great; Blockchain for Digital Credentialing; and More (01/10/20)

Portfolios for Career Building; Supporting Workforce Development; Engaging Students with CRM; and More (12/06/19)

Preparing Faculty to Teach Online; Learning Space Design; Interventions that Work; and More (11/01/19)

Online PD; Emerging Tech Trends; Building Career Skills; and More (10/04/19)

Distance Learning Without Computers; Engaging Faculty with New Tech; and More (09/06/19)

Better Instructional Design; Pearson's Move to Digital; AI Training; and More (08/02/19)

Building Relationships via Blockchain; Leading VR Research; Beyond the Digital Diploma; and More (07/05/19)

VR and AR in the Classroom; IT and the Library; Learning Space Redesign; and More (06/07/19)

Engaging Faculty in Instructional Design; IoT for Students; Why Students Cheat; and More (05/03/19)

How MOOCs Make Money; Open Learning Resources; Tech and the Small Liberal Arts College; and More (04/05/19)

Building a Digital Commons; MOOC Benefits; IT's Gender Gap; and More (03/01/19)

Top Ed Tech Trends; Building a Boot Camp; AI in Ed Tech; and More (02/01/19)

How People Learn; VR Tops Faculty Wish List; FLEXspace Update; and More (01/04/19)

Adaptive Learning at ASU; Purposeful Faculty Development; Fostering Tech Skills; and More (12/07/18)

Fostering Innovation; Data that Makes a Difference; U-M Online Learning; and More (11/02/18)

The Evolving Meaning of "MOOC"; Making E-Textbooks Interactive; Dealing with Contract Cheating; and More (10/05/18)

Faculty-Designed Classrooms; Blockchain Tech in Higher Ed; Data Analytics and Student Advising; and More (09/07/18)

Using Data to Drive Student Success; Active Learning on a Budget; Ways to Fine-Tune Academic Innovation; and More (08/03/18)

Dealing with Enrollment Decline; Overcoming Imposter Syndrome; Rethinking Faculty Roles; and More (07/06/18)

Learning Analytics and Student Privacy, GDPR Concerns, Course Content Accessibility and More (06/01/18)

Tech and the Future of Postgraduate Professional Education (05/04/18)

Serving Students with AR and VR (04/06/18)

Towson U's Community Approach to Recycling Tech (03/02/18)

4 Techniques for Forecasting the Future of Ed Tech (02/02/18)

3 Starters for Digital Leadership in Higher Ed (01/12/18)

How George Washington U Is Streamlining Access to Complex Data (12/01/17)

Survey: VR/AR/MR Will Be Key to Ed Tech in 10 Years (11/03/17)

Most Popular Student Devices: Laptops and Mobile Phones (10/06/17)

IT's Impact on Student Success (09/01/17)

Making the Case for a Next-Generation Learning Platform (08/04/17)

How Indiana U Is Fixing the Textbook Model (07/07/17)

Tracking WiFi Complaints on Twitter (06/02/17)

How to Provide High-Quality Instructional Feedback (05/05/17)

Rethinking the Computer Lab of the Future (04/07/17)

What Faculty Think About Lecture Capture (03/03/17)

A Production Studio for MOOCs, Online Courses and More (02/03/17)

Faculty Predictions for Ed Tech (01/06/17)