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User Conference Focuses on Classroom Clickers in Higher Ed

Turning Technologies has opened registration for its annual user conference for higher education. Turning Tech is the maker of classroom response systems ("classroom clickers") and other tools for collaboration in learning.

U Arizona Addresses Placement Exam Cheating with ProctorU

The University of Arizona is applying an online proctoring service to prevent students from cheating on math placement exams that have been moved online as well.

Hurdling Toward Campuswide E-Portfolios

Some ambitious institutions are seeking to implement e-portfolios across all departments and disciplines, yet there are barriers to overcome before such a practice gets the full participation of faculty, staff, and students.

The Ed Tech Journey and a Future Driven by Disruptive Change

Teaching and learning in higher ed have advanced incrementally alongside rapid changes in technology. Is it time for some radical shifts?

Monterey College of Law Pilots iPad Programs for Students and Faculty

As the centerpiece of a new mobile computing initiative, Monterey College of Law in California is distributing Apple iPads to all students enrolled in a supplemental curriculum program that helps them prepare for the state's bar exam. All entering first-year students signed up for the program within the first week, as did 70 percent of the remainder of the student body.

Cultural Shift at a Community College: E-Portfolios Go Campuswide

Tunxis Community College in Connecticut grew an assessment experiment into a schoolwide implementation of electronic portfolios.

Plagiarism Detection Tool To Get LMS Integration

iParadigms has unveiled Turnitin2, the latest version of its online tool for plagiarism detection and the encouragement of proper citation in student papers.

We Don’t Care About the Tests; We Care About Life Outcomes

It is time to ask what outcomes we are looking for from education. Why are our “outcomes” now only about how well a student does in courses? Wouldn’t it be better if students were evaluated on their evidence of learning, and wouldn’t that kind of evaluation have more to do with real life?

Ready ... or Not?

Community colleges are investing heavily in remedial programs to bring students up to college and workforce readiness--but technology can both help and hurt the success of those efforts.

A Profoundly Disruptive Technology

The Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) had its first world conference this last week in Boston, co-located with Campus Technology 2010. The group of learning and assessment experts is organized around its members' interest in ePortfolios.

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