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Education Technology Features

The latest in-depth feature articles for campus technology professionals. Looking for the latest news and trends? Visit our Research and news pages!

4 Ways to Ease Students' Transition to College

The University of Oregon is improving retention rates with a variety of student supports that help pave the way to success on campus and beyond.

Automating Part of the Grading Process

Virginia Commonwealth University is using an automated grading tool to give students the coding practice they need without overwhelming instructors.

Curricular/Co-Curricular Connections ... Finding the 'And' that Benefits Students' Future Careers

A new program at Beloit College called Channels is encouraging students to explore the connections between their curricular agendas and their co-curricular learning and passions — ultimately benefitting their future careers.

8 Ways to Get Started with Esports

If you've been looking to get involved in esports on campus, either in the classroom or in competition, these tips and resources will help.

Interdisciplinary 3D Printing Project Has Real-World Impact

At Louisiana State University, an undergraduate student used 3D printing and a lot of ingenuity to create the first personalized human model for cancer research.

Digital Transformation: A Focus on Creativity, Not Tools

Veteran education technologist Ellen Wagner examines a point that is too often missing from discussions of "digital transformation".

Engaging Students with Streamlined Support

Australia's University of Canberra is simplifying students' higher education journeys with a holistic approach to constituent relationship management.

4 Ways Online Universities Can Support Workforce Development

To prepare students for the job market of the future, online institutions must equip them with interpersonal skills such as leadership, communication and management. Here are four strategies for prioritizing the human connection.

Bringing Students On Board for Portfolios

Henderson State University wants every student to have a job offer before graduation. A big part of their strategy in approaching that ideal is including career-building skills and tools — like portfolios — in the curriculum.

Evolving Security to Meet Students' Digital Expectations

University IT leaders are tasked with managing and maintaining a network of sophisticated systems and networks. Here's how one institution is working to ensure that sensitive information is protected.