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Campus Technology Learning Environments: Tech, Tools & Learning Strategies for 21st Century Education

From tech-infused classrooms to online courses and new, disruptive education models, higher education learning environments come in an infinite array of shapes and sizes. Campus Technology Learning Environments covers the intersection of technology and learning in today's colleges and universities and the tools, trends and pedagogies shaping student success. Each issue offers case studies, tips and best practices for instructional technologists, AV professionals, technology-using faculty and IT leaders focused on higher education's core mission of teaching and learning. Published weekly.
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Free AI Teaching Assistant and AI Tutor Powered by ChatGPT (12/06/23)

Report Finds Students Increasingly Turning to Generative AI, Social Media to Study (11/15/23)

U Kentucky Hits Graduation and Retention Goals by Giving iPads to Every Student (11/01/23)

From Digital Native to AI-Empowered: Learning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (10/18/23)

Defining Generative AI Guidelines that Allow for Experimentation (10/04/23)

FLEXspace 3.0 to Bring Total Portal Redesign, New Features and Services (09/20/23)

Why It's Time to Examine Institutional Strategy for a Multi-Modal Future (09/06/23)

Defining Institutional Roles in the Age of AI (08/16/23)

Educating the Next Generation in AI (08/02/23)

An Inside Look at Experiential Learning at Indiana U (07/19/23)

Trust and Transparency Are Key Factors When Using AI in Academia (07/05/23)

Offering Online Students a Front Row Learning Experience (06/21/23)

3 Ways Campus Leaders Can Prepare Students for Technology Transformation in the Workforce (06/07/23)

There Is No Going Back: College Students Want a Live, Remote Option for In-Person Classes (05/17/23)

How Generative AI Will Enable Personalized Learning Experiences (05/03/23)

National University Launches Virtual Reality Campus (04/19/23)

AI and the Future of Writing Instruction (04/05/23)

Building a Microcredential Program Framework to Meet the Needs of a Changing Academic Landscape (03/15/23)

AI in Education: Will We Need Humans Anymore? (03/01/23)

9 Tips for Success as an Instructional Designer (02/15/23)

How CSU Global Designs for Inclusive Online Education from the Start (02/01/23)

Why Banning ChatGPT in Class Is a Mistake (01/18/23)

Reimagining Courseware from an Equity-First Perspective (12/07/22)

The Impact of Storytelling on Learning (11/16/22)

Arizona State University Partners with Zoom to Bring Innovation Lab to Tempe Campus (11/02/22)

16 Actions to Achieve a Hybrid Future (10/19/22)

Student and Employer Demand for Microcredentials Is High (10/05/22)

At ASU Online, Empathy Is the Foundation of Student Success (09/21/22)

To Improve Outcomes for Students, We Must Improve Support for Faculty (09/07/22)

Hybrid, Whatever that Means, Will Dominate the Future of Online Learning (08/17/22)

Faculty Survey Breaks Down the Role of the Library in Higher Ed (08/03/22)

Putting Community Engagement at the Center of Online Learning (07/20/22)

Supporting Students and Faculty in the New Normal (07/06/22)

Designing for Student Voice: Social Annotation for Equitable Learning (06/15/22)

How an Escape Room Is Building Students' Digital Skills at Northampton Community College (06/01/22)

4 Online Tactics to Improve Blended Learning (05/18/22)

6 Principles for Measuring the Cost Savings of OER (05/04/22)

2022 Educause Horizon Report Suggests Change Is Here to Stay; No Return to 'Normal' (04/20/22)

From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design: Understanding the Whole Student (04/06/22)

UNCF Building Shared Online Education Platform for HBCUs, with Focus on Culture and Community (03/16/22)

1 in 4 Students Say They're Assigned Too Many Learning Tools (03/02/22)

10 Basics that Students Want from the LMS, and How to Help Faculty Implement Them (02/16/22)

7 Keys to Building Equity in Digital Learning (02/02/22)

New Students Reflect on Their College Experience During COVID (01/19/22)

Cutting Through Ed Tech Hype in Favor of Research-Driven Improvements (12/15/21)

Updated: Free Resources to Help with Remote Learning in 2022 (12/01/21)

Planning for the Classroom of the Future (11/17/21)

Stanford Opens Office of Digital Ed (11/03/21)

3 Keys to Creating Inclusive Learning Opportunities (10/20/21)

Should Higher Ed Build Classrooms Outdoors? (10/06/21)

Accessibility Challenges Persist as Hybrid and Online Learning Continues (09/15/21)

Creating an Innovation Space to Solve Real-World Problems (09/01/21)

Adaptive Courseware Helped Improve Student Learning During Pandemic (08/18/21)

The Science of Studying Student Learning at Scale (08/04/21)

Education's Hybrid Future: What We Know from Research (07/21/21)

How the Pandemic Changed Higher Ed's Priorities for Online Learning (07/07/21)

What Students Want to Retain Post-Pandemic (06/16/21)

Free Workshop Addresses Equity in Digital Learning (06/02/21)

73 Percent of Students Prefer Some Courses Be Fully Online Post-Pandemic (05/19/21)

How COVID-19 Created Opportunities for Teachers and Students (05/05/21)

Students Complain: Too Much (Busy) Work in Online Classes (04/21/21)

Nearly Half of Faculty Say Pandemic Changes to Teaching Are Here to Stay (04/07/21)

Moving Online Learning from Challenge to Opportunity (03/17/21)

Now Is the Time to Better Support Adult Learners in Higher Education (03/03/21)

New Guide Offers Best Practices for Digital Learning in Gateway Courses (02/17/21)

3 Ways to Future-Proof Your University (02/03/21)

Student Identity Matters — Online, Too (01/20/21)

Remote Learning in the Pandemic: Lessons Learned (12/16/20)

LMS Companies See Boom, Bust, Bigger Boom (12/02/20)

How Oregon State Uses Tech and Ingenuity to Engage Physics Students Remotely (11/18/20)

Teaching Innovation by Tackling Wicked Problems (11/04/20)

COVID-19's Lasting Effects on the Higher Education Landscape (10/21/20)

HyFlex Learning in China: Tools, Tips and Training Strategies (10/07/20)

Rutgers: 5 Ways to Improve Remote Learning (09/16/20)

Survey: Faculty Mostly Satisfied with Fall Plans (09/02/20)

Learners Believe the Pandemic Will Fundamentally Change Higher Education (08/19/20)

What to Do When Hands-on Learning Is Essential (08/05/20)

Students' Online Ed Decisions Driven by Affordability, Major Availability (07/15/20)

COVID-19 Puts 2019 Higher Ed Challenges in Stark Relief (07/01/20)

COVID-19 Intensifies Need to Tackle Digital Accessibility (06/17/20)

What a Fall Reopening Looks Like (06/03/20)

The 5 Stages of Moving Online (05/20/20)

COVID-19's Ultimate Impact on Online Learning: The Good and the Bad (05/06/20)

5 Easy Ways to Infuse Learning Science into Remote Teaching (04/15/20)

Dealing with Online Learning in a Crisis (04/01/20)

Moving to Digital Learning Fast: Where to Start (03/18/20)

9 Resources for When Coronavirus Moves Your Course Online (03/04/20)

8 Tips for More Professional Education Videos (02/19/20)

Adding Escape Rooms to Your Online Course (02/05/20)

Automating Part of the Grading Process (01/15/20)

Interdisciplinary 3D Printing Project Has Real-World Impact (12/18/19)

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Good Online Course Great (12/11/19)

Research: Flipped Learning Boosts Test Scores (12/04/19)

4 Ways Online Universities Can Support Workforce Development (11/20/19)

Fully Online Courses Are No. 1 Requirement for Many Working Learners (11/13/19)

Students Rate College Success Tools, WiFi High; Accessibility Efforts Low (11/06/19)

Improving Online Teaching Through Training and Support (10/30/19)

5 Interventions that Work (10/23/19)

Preparing Faculty for High-Quality Online Programs (10/16/19)

Fragmentation Is Holding up Usefulness of Credentials (10/09/19)