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IMMERSE: AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, wearables and mobile devices are changing the way we communicate and the way students learn. IMMERSE covers this fast-paced realm, helping IT professionals and educators alike stay current on key trends, cutting-edge products and pioneering projects enabling immersive, engaging experiences for today's tech-savvy students. Published twice monthly.
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Active Engagement Improves Online Instruction During COVID-19 (12/08/20)

Virtual Education Platform Emulates Face-to-Face Interactions (11/10/20)

Arizona State Partnership to Embed VR into Intro Biology Courses (10/13/20)

University System of Maryland Providing Virtual Science Labs Across All Campuses (09/08/20)

Free Tool Supports Spontaneous Online Conversations (08/11/20)

Bringing Career Skills to Life in VR (07/14/20)

Supporting Teaching and Research with Immersive Tools (06/09/20)

California CCs Adopt Labster for Virtual Lab Work (05/12/20)

Mobile Learning Can Promote Student Creativity When Done Right (04/14/20)

Purdue University Global Pilots VR Graduation (03/09/20)

VR Trends Include 3D Audio, More AI and Conversational Platforms (02/10/20)

GIGxr Acquires Pearson XR Operations (01/14/20)

UC Berkeley Uses VR to Teach Interpersonal Skills (12/03/19)

Mississippi State U Preparing Students for STEM Careers Through Cybersecurity Education Hub (11/19/19)

U Kentucky Launches Major Esports Program (11/05/19)

U Nevada Reno Workshops Help Students Create VR Content (10/15/19)

U Michigan Initiative to Explore Extended Reality Tech for Education and Research (10/01/19)

5 Emerging Tech Trends Impacting the Enterprise (09/17/19)

Purdue Launches Simulation Training Platform for Cybersecurity (09/03/19)

Gartner: Top Wireless Tech Trends to Watch (08/20/19)

Could Adaptive Tech Offer Bridge to STEM Success? (08/06/19)

Education Helping to Drive Surge in AR & VR (07/16/19)

New University of Houston Robotics Lab Provides Students with Hands-on STEM Skills (06/18/19)

University Pours $7.7 Million into Immersive Gaming Research (06/04/19)

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Tools Include Virtual Labs, Collaboration Resources and More (05/21/19)

Why AR/MR, Gamification and Adaptive Learning Are Stuck on the Horizon in Higher Ed (05/07/19)

University of Iowa Investigates Teaching with 3D Models (04/16/19)

Smart Assistants Helping to Drive Growth of Wearables (04/02/19)

Arizona State Virtual Field Trips Deliver Interactive Exploration (03/19/19)

Penn State Project Finds VR Better for Second Language Learning (03/05/19)

Study Finds No Difference in VR Learning Outcomes Compared to Other Modes (02/19/19)

Google Arts & Culture Creates 3D Printed Artifacts (02/05/19)

Faculty Survey Names VR Most-Wanted Tech for Classroom (01/15/19)

ASU Launches Hub for Smart City Innovation (12/04/18)

Increased Access to Emerging Tech Key to Student Success (11/06/18)

Gartner: Immersive Experiences Among Top Tech Trends for 2019 (10/23/18)

U Conn Students Work Hands-on with Data Analytics and IoT (10/09/18)

Bringing Primary Source Materials to Life with AR (09/18/18)

Students Get Immersive AI Boost to Learn Mandarin (09/04/18)

Using VR to Help Students Understand Cultural Differences (08/21/18)

A Mobile Guide to Library Resources (08/07/18)

Smartphones, NetFlix Having Biggest Impact on ResNet (07/17/18)

Getting Faculty to Engage with Immersive Tech (07/03/18)

New Tech Makes Mixed Reality More Interactive (06/19/18)

MIT Engineers Build VR System to Train Racer Drones (06/05/18)

Detachables on the Rise Despite Tablet Market Downturn (05/15/18)

Electronic Ink vs. a Fancy Tablet (05/01/18)

Even the Mere Presence of a Smartphone Makes You Dumber (04/17/18)

Cornell Researchers Use AI to Understand Students' Math Struggles (04/03/18)

How One University Is Serving Students with AR and VR (03/20/18)

U Virginia Lab to Study Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles and More (03/06/18)

Smartphone Addiction Is Normal Need to Connect on Overdrive (02/20/18)

Stanford Project Digitizes Bone Fragments for Classroom Use (02/06/18)

Survey: 94% of Students Want to Use Their Cell Phones in Class (01/16/18)

Student Creates Voice Recognition System Using Amazon Echo to Get Around Campus (12/12/17)

Amazon Intros Alexa for Business (12/05/17)

Creating a Space for Digital Media Innovation (11/28/17)

NC State Transforms Physics Lab with Smartphones (11/07/17)

WPI Researchers Use HoloLens to Visualize Complex Biological Networks (10/17/17)

Colleges Using AR/VR to Educate Homeowners on Disaster Clean-up (10/03/17)

Nursing Ed Using More Virtual Simulation, Other New Tech (09/19/17)

Georgia Tech Launches Facility for Remote Users to Control Robot Swarms (09/05/17)

3-Screen AR System Coming Soon to Higher Ed (08/15/17)

Stanford Launches Platform Lab for Centralized Control of Autonomous Cars, Drones (08/01/17)

Stanford Team Develops 4D Camera for Use in Robots, VR, Autonomous Cars (07/25/17)

7 Tips for Getting Started with VR/AR (06/20/17)

Maine Department of Education to Host VR Expo for Educators (06/06/17)

6 VR Trends to Watch in Education (05/16/17)

The Impact of Virtual Reality on Learning (05/02/17)

Global Initiative to Open 50 Virtual and Augmented Reality Labs (04/18/17)

Scaling Up Admissions and Recruiting With AR (04/04/17)

Immersive Education: AR Comes of Age (03/21/17)

When Virtual Reality Meets the Classroom (03/07/17)

Understanding Social Immersion, Improving Instructional Design Are Vital to Keeping VR Around (02/21/17)

East Carolina U Taps Virtual, Mixed Reality to Instruct Future Teachers (02/07/17)

4 Technologies Making News in 2017 (01/24/17)

Cool Learning: Gaming Studio Creates Unique Space for Students to Live and Learn at Duke University (01/10/17)