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IMMERSE: AR/VR, IoT and Mobile Technologies for the Untethered Educator

Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, wearables and mobile devices are changing the way we communicate and the way students learn. IMMERSE covers this fast-paced realm, helping IT professionals and educators alike stay current on key trends, cutting-edge products and pioneering projects enabling immersive, engaging experiences for today's tech-savvy students. Published twice monthly.
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MOOCs Could Be Effective for Employee Upskilling (01/16/20)

Automating Part of the Grading Process (01/15/20)

3 Predictions for Higher Ed in 2020 (01/15/20)

GIGxr Acquires Pearson XR Operations (01/14/20)

Work, Financial Pressures Are Top Reasons for Stopping Out of College (01/14/20)

Curricular/Co-Curricular Connections ... Finding the 'And' that Benefits Students' Future Careers (01/13/20)

Higher Ed Enrollment Decline Continues; For-Profit Shrinkage Slowing (01/13/20)

Make Your Good Online Course Great; Blockchain for Digital Credentialing; and More (01/10/20)

Adult Learning Worldwide Not Keeping Pace with Need (01/09/20)

8 Ways to Get Started with Esports (01/09/20)

Virtual Advising Alone Insufficient to Make a Difference in College Admission (01/08/20)

Mixing in Online Courses Boosts Outcomes for CC Students (01/07/20)

10 Ways Technology Will Change What It Means to Be Human (01/06/20)

Interdisciplinary 3D Printing Project Has Real-World Impact (12/18/19)

Instructure Going Private with VC Buyout (12/12/19)

Why ECPI Is Using Blockchain for Digital Credentialing (12/12/19)

MOOCs on the Rise in China (12/11/19)

5 Proven Ways to Make Your Good Online Course Great (12/11/19)

Harvard Ramping Up Captioning Efforts with NAD Settlement (12/10/19)

Digital Transformation: A Focus on Creativity, Not Tools (12/09/19)

Portfolios for Career Building; Supporting Workforce Development; Engaging Students with CRM; and More (12/06/19)

Americans Value Higher Ed Programs that Align with Career Pathways (12/05/19)

4 Steps to Effective Data Use in CTE (12/04/19)

Research: Flipped Learning Boosts Test Scores (12/04/19)

End Users Will Spend $52 Billion on Wearables in 2020 (12/03/19)

UC Berkeley Uses VR to Teach Interpersonal Skills (12/03/19)

College Websites, E-mail Among the Most Important Information Sources for Prospective Students (11/21/19)

Engaging Students with Streamlined Support (11/21/19)

Higher Ed Organizations Push Forward on Credential Transparency (11/20/19)

4 Ways Online Universities Can Support Workforce Development (11/20/19)

Mississippi State U Preparing Students for STEM Careers Through Cybersecurity Education Hub (11/19/19)

CUNY Programs to Grow Student Industry Pipeline with Digital Skills (11/19/19)

Use of Part-Timers Driving Down Student Success at Community Colleges (11/14/19)

Educause XR Research Dives into Impact on Teaching and Learning (11/13/19)

Fully Online Courses Are No. 1 Requirement for Many Working Learners (11/13/19)

Pearson Acquires Lumerit to Grow Accelerated Pathways Business (11/12/19)

Bringing Students On Board for Portfolios (11/11/19)

Survey: Most Students Find Choosing a Major Stressful (11/07/19)

Evolving Security to Meet Students' Digital Expectations (11/07/19)

U Texas Arlington to Invest $500,000 in OER Grants This Year (11/06/19)

Students Rate College Success Tools, WiFi High; Accessibility Efforts Low (11/06/19)

U Kentucky Launches Major Esports Program (11/05/19)

Google to Take IT Support Training into 100 Community Colleges (11/05/19)

Preparing Faculty to Teach Online; Learning Space Design; Interventions that Work; and More (11/01/19)

NSF Creates AI-Powered Innovation Program (10/31/19)

Eastern Conference Esports Grows to 57 Schools (10/30/19)

Improving Online Teaching Through Training and Support (10/30/19)

AWS Cloud Computing Degree to Go Statewide in TX (10/29/19)

Research: Learning Intent Should Determine Online Class Size (10/24/19)

Simplify, Sustain, Innovate: Themes for Top 10 IT Issues of 2020 (10/24/19)

New MIT Supercomputer Is Designed for AI (10/23/19)

5 Interventions that Work (10/23/19)

Enrollment in Computer and Information Sciences Up Despite Overall Decline (10/22/19)

More IT Education Needed for Campus Leadership (10/17/19)

Open Source App Teaches Physics of Magnetic Fields in AR (10/16/19)

Preparing Faculty for High-Quality Online Programs (10/16/19)

U Nevada Reno Workshops Help Students Create VR Content (10/15/19)

Apprenticeship Program Provides On-the-Job Training in Cybersecurity (10/15/19)

Learning Space Design Takes a Community: Guiding the FLEXspace Portal (10/14/19)

NSF Funds STEM Reskilling Courseware Research (10/10/19)

Visualizing Academic Risk at Marist College (10/10/19)

New Alexa Education Skill API Enables Voice Control of Ed Tech (10/09/19)

Fragmentation Is Holding up Usefulness of Credentials (10/09/19)

Social Communications May Boost STEM Success (10/08/19)

Online PD; Emerging Tech Trends; Building Career Skills; and More (10/04/19)

New CBE Certificate Program Offers Instructional Design Training (10/03/19)

Instagram Leads for Student Recruitment Outreach (10/02/19)

UCI Launches 2-Year Study on Value of College Education (10/02/19)

U Michigan Initiative to Explore Extended Reality Tech for Education and Research (10/01/19)

AWS Launches Bay Area Consortium for Cloud Computing Ed (10/01/19)

Harvard Initiative to Fund Student Ed Tech Ideas (09/26/19)

AI and Mixed Reality Drive Educational Gaming into 'Boom Phase' (09/26/19)

6 Colleges Launch or Expand Esports Programs (09/25/19)

3 Institutions Doing Innovative Work to Boost Degree Completion (09/25/19)

Houston CC System Expands OER Use Across All Campuses (09/24/19)

New Experiential Learning Toolkit Offers Resources for Learning by Doing (09/19/19)

2U Calls for Transparency in Online Program Management (09/18/19)

3 Ways to Keep Faculty Coming Back for More Online PD (09/18/19)

DIY Mindset Reshaping Education (09/17/19)

5 Emerging Tech Trends Impacting the Enterprise (09/17/19)

Nudging Works in CCs Among STEM Students (09/12/19)

How Personalized Support and a Culture of Data Can Jumpstart Student Success (09/12/19)

Study Finds Large-Scale 'Nudging' Misses the Target (09/11/19)

Many Student Success Initiatives Have No Impact on Retention (09/11/19)

App Guides Students to Campus IT Resources (09/10/19)

Technology as Part of the Culture for Legal Professionals (09/09/19)

Distance Learning Without Computers; Engaging Faculty with New Tech; and More (09/06/19)

Coursera Launches Hands-on Learning Feature (09/05/19)

Apple Wallet Builds Contactless Student ID Support on Campus (09/04/19)

Building Career Skills in the Campus Makerspace (09/04/19)

Purdue Launches Simulation Training Platform for Cybersecurity (09/03/19)

Education Startup Launches Online Courses for College Credit (09/03/19)

Study: Remote Attendance Shrinks Absenteeism (08/29/19)

Associations Offer 6 Principles for Leveraging Analytics in Higher Ed (08/28/19)

Distance Learning Without Computers (08/28/19)

CBE Students Persist More, Move Through Courses Faster and Pay Less (08/27/19)

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